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Guy S Deyton   (#1967)   (Guy S)

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Kansas City, MO
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816 809-5032
6416 N. Cosby Ave

Kansas City, MO  

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Dental School
DDS; U of MO Kansas City
National Dental Society Member


AES Board Member 2008-Present

In the early portion of my professional life my focus was education.  My undergraduate degree was in education and prior to dental school I taught teaching methodology at University of Missouri Columbia.  I am a 1984 Graduate of University of Missouri Kansas City School of Dentistry.  In the late 80’s and early 90’s I was involved in establishing the EFDA Dental Assistant program in Missouri and writing educational curriculum used in the credentialing process.  In the 90’s, I matriculated from continuums with Frank Spear and John Kois and I completed the curriculum at the Dawson Center.  It has been my privilege to serve in many leadership roles in dentistry including president of the Missouri Dental Association and member of our state board.  I am currently Co-Director of the Leadership Development Continuum which develops leadership skills for aspiring leaders in healthcare.  I am also very much enjoying leading a pilot program for the ADA developing young dentist study clubs to support the next generation of dentists.